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Mixing March Madness with Vegas!!! It's an art.

The 2012-2013 college basketball season is a goldmine. There is a large platform for potential winners. And I mean LARGE! Any school can take this years trophy. Indiana, Gonzaga, Duke, Louisville, Florida, Miami, CAL, SDSU, Montana, Ohio St, and even UNLV. The range goes on and on for this is the year of the upsets! Meaning that odds are spread out widely, spreads are small, and betters are in for a huge prize. HUGE! If you were never a sports better, now is the time to throw down a little cash, start your spring break, and wait for huge gains as you lay poolside in the sin city. Click the photo for current and future odds to plan bets over the next week and hit the road to Vegas this weekend or the next. Live a little and watch NCAA. See you in VEGAS!


March Madness Predictions 2013

The NCAA Tournament is around the corner as the 2012-2013 NCAA season is coming to a close. The opening round games will begin on March 19. As always the question is which teams will make it deep into the NCAA Tournament?

These are the teams that are looking strong and are proving themselves to become the best:

Indiana- Indiana Hoosiers have been named as one of the teams to beat since before the season began. They have an opportunity to achieve the No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament as they are currently ranked the No. 2 in both National polls and have the No. 6 RPI figure. This is the team to look out for because they are the March Madness betting favorite.

Gonzaga- Currently, Gonzaga Bulldogs are the No. 1 team in the nation. However, they are not positioned well under the RPI model, ranking No. 11. In spite of how they perform in the West Coast Conference tournament, they should get a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. However, it is hard to see them winning the Championship because they are going to have a tough time against stronger and more athletic teams.

Kansas- Kansas Jayhawks is also another team to look out for because they have been on a roll recently. Over the past month, they have been playing their best basketball of the season. Also, they have bounced back from a three game losing streak by winning seven in a row. Jayhawks are ranked No. 4 in both national polls and have the No. 4 RPI. Therefore, they should land a No.1 seed in the Tournament because they have been improving after being inconsistent in their games.

Duke- As always Duke Blue Devils are guaranteed to make the Tournament because they have always been the favorites in college hoops history. However this season, Blue Devils have not performed well on the road and are showing signs of struggle. Also, they are showing signs of softness because they have a tough time playing against physical teams.

Miami-FL – Miami Hurricanes are one of the teams that are under the radar. They are an excellent team, but they have their ups downs with being consistent. They have a great chance in taking a top seed and having a great run in the tournament, but they need to be consistent in their games in order to have a deep run.

UNLV- The Rebels are an unpredictable team because you never know when they are going to do their best. They have amazing talent, but in order to be a dark force in the Tournament they need to work on their chemistry. As a result, they can make a deep run in the Tournament and can be a threatening force for competitors.

These are the predictions for now, but they can change as the season comes to a close. Stay tuned in to find out which teams are going to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

College basketball this season has been truly insane this season. Although only five teams have held the number one spot this year (Indiana, Duke, Michigan, Louisville, and Gonzaga), the number one team has been upset 8 times this year. The Indiana Hoosiers at 25-4 have suffered three of those eight losses. This week, Gonzaga tops the AP list as the number one team in the nation at 29-2. With Selection Sunday coming soon, there is no clear cut favorite heading into the tournament. Indiana appeared to be the favorite to win the tournament, but its ability to lose close games causes some speculation. The only other team to hold the number one spot longer than a week other than Indiana has been Duke, but Duke’s inconsistencies can be¬†worrisome¬†as well. If we have learned anything from this season, it’s that the number one ranking is not the place to be.



As the race for the National Player of the Year comes close to an end, there are a handful of contenders pushing to claim the title. ¬†One of the spot-light players that’s been talked about throughout the season is Victor Oladipo, Junior Guard of Indiana Hoosiers (No. 2).

¬†Oladpio originally from Upper Marlboro, Maryland is the second leading scorer of Indiana, avergaing 13.8 points, 5.8 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game. ¬†Oladipo has shown outstanding athleticism, quickness, leaping ability, and relentless defense. ¬†He can guard many positions and averages 2.3 steals per game. ¬†This past season Oladipo has increased his game in 3-point shooting, in the offseason he was shooting at 20.8% and improved to 52.4%. ¬†As of right now Victor Oladipo has been chosen as one of the top 5 picks for this year’s upcoming NBA draft. ¬†

Ryan Kelly Single-Handedly leads Duke to Victory over Miami

In last Saturday’s big game with Duke versus Miami, Ryan Kelly the 6-foot-11 Senior shocked everyone with his amazing return to the court. Kelly sat out the last 2 months with a foot injury and in his return, Kelly only practiced 20 minutes and scored a career high of 36-points leading Duke to their 79-76 victory over Miami.

Everyone in the gym was overwhelmingly amazed that night, along with some of his own teammates. Teammate Mason Plumee responded, “we’re going to get back to how we were playing.” “Having him back is uplifting. He kept saying he wanted to come back, but no one really knew if he’d be able to,” Plumlee added. March is finally here and Duke is going no where, they are hungry and they aim high for the NCAA title.

Big Games of The Weekend

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1. Miami (23-4, 14-1) at Duke (24-4, 11-4), Saturday 6 p.m. EST

Predicted to win: Duke

2. Michigan State (22-6, 11-4) at Michigan (23-5, 10-5), Sunday 4 p.m. EST

Predicted to Win:Michigan State 

3. Butler (22-6, 9-4) at VCU (22-6, 10-3), Saturday, 12 p.m. EST

Predicted to Win: VCU


Potential All-Star Players.

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Shane Larkin continues to push hard for Miami Hurricanes at the No. 5 defeating Virginia Tech at 76-58. ¬†Larkin, the Sophomore Guard, originally from Orlando, Florida, is one of Miami’s most crucial players. ¬†

In Miami’s game versus¬†Virginia¬†Tech, Larkin scores 22-points and plays outstanding defense on Erick Green, Virginia Tech’s top player. ¬†This lead to Miami’s victory against Virginia. ¬†Prior to this game, Miami took a hard loss against Wake Forest, which ended their 14-game winning streak. However, this loss did not phase Larkin. ¬†He responded,¬†”A lot of people wanted to see how we would respond to a loss, I think we came out and imposed our will.” Larkin shot 8 for 12, including 3 of 5 3-pointers and 6 assits. With Larkin shutting down Virginia’s best player and scoring 22 points, this lead to the big W for Miami. ¬†From the looks of it, it seems as if Larkin and his teammates are getting ready for their big game on Saturday against Duke Blue Devils. ¬†The big question is, will Shane Larkin be able to shut down major players Seth Curry and Mason Plumee of Duke? .. We’ll find out Saturday!



Allen Crabbe, Junior guard from Cal Golden Bears was named one of three honor payers of the year, along with Otto Porter and Kendall Williams.  

Crabbe is a Junior guard originally from Los Anegeles, California. As a Pac-12 Player of the Year candidate, he has also led the conference in scoring the entire season and is currently ranked 27th nationally with a 19-points-per-game average.

Crabbe also ranks among the Pac-12 leaders in three-point field goals made (T-6th, 2.0) free-throw percentage (7th, .798), defensive rebounds (11th, 4.8) steals (13th, 1.3) and minutes played (2nd, 36.2).¬†A two-time Pac-12 Player of the Week honoree this season, Crabbe has scored 20-points or more 13 times this season and has also scored 30-point games twice. He scored a career-best 33 points in the win against Pepperdine and 31 points to lead Cal to a victory at No. 7 Arizona. With 1442 points, Crabbe is well on his way to shatter the school’s all-time scoring record set by¬†Jerome Randle¬†(1,835 points from 2007-10). ¬†



Aaron Craft is a junior basketball player for the Ohio State Buckeyes has been known to be one of the Nation’s top defenders. Buckeye fans would have never guessed him making major contributions on the other end of court. In his Sunday game against Michigan State ranked 4th, Craft continually slashed through the lane reaching a career-high of ¬†21-points reaching a victory of 68-60. ¬†He hit¬†7-of-12 shots — almost all of them on drives through a thicket of players in the paint. ¬†

Craft was named the Academic All-America of the Year last week. ¬†It’s been discussed how effective Craft has been at carrying his academic load during his career at Columbus. ¬†Craft has been one of the best perimeter defenders in the country. He’s been assigned to guard the opponent’s best scoring guard on a nightly basis for the last few seasons — and has excelled. As a junior, though, Craft has become more of a scoring option and that’s something that will need to continue down the stretch for Ohio State. ¬†Taking some of the offensive responsibility off his teammates’ shoulders will be a major plus for the Buckeyes in the NCAA tournament. Craft finding ways to be a consistent offensive threat will determine whether that happens.

Who Will Wear the Glass Slipper??

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Predictions

Just like taking a page out of the Fairy Tale, Cinderella, who will be the unexpected guest at this years March Madness?

In order to be the bell of the ball you have to meet a few requirements:

1) Cannot be from a BCS conference or the Atlantic-10.
2) Cannot have been ranked in the AP Top 25 at any point this season.
3) Cannot have won a tournament game in the past five seasons.
4) Cannot be better than a No. 10 seed in the latest projected bracket.

Heres this weeks top 15 picks of potential Cinderellas:

#15 North Dakota State (9-8)
#14 Air Force (6-6)
#13 Detroit (10-4)
#12 Harvard (7-1)
#11 Stony Brook (11-2)
#10 Stephen F. Austin (13-2)
#9 Louisiana Tech (14-0)
#8 Valparaiso (11-3)
#7 Indiana State (12-2)
#6 Boise State (5-6)

#5 South Dakota State (12-3) Has never won the tournament. Being number eighth in the nation in assist/turnover ratio makes them a good potential for this years Cinderella.

#4 Bucknell (9-2) Last won the tournament in 2006. Having Mike Muscala on their team is a huge advantage for Bucknell, averaging 19.0 ppg, 11.4 RPG, 18 double-doubles, and averaging 2.8 assists and 2.7 blocks per game. Hes a forced to be reckoned with.

#3 Belmont (11-2 ) Has never won the tournament. Possibly the best team on the list of prospective Cinderellas, the reason they are not higher up is because a Cinderella story is something that should be unexpected. This team has so much already written about them.

#2 Akron (12-0 ) Has never won the tournament. Has a 16 game winning streak and is only destined to pull off a few upsets in the games to come.

#1 Middle Tennessee (15-1 ) Last time this team has won the tournament was back in 1989. Having pulled off an embarrassing defeat to Troy (93-41) and beating the next best team in the Sun Belt Conference, Middle Tennessee is the closest out of the previous 15 to fitting into that glass slipper.

But only time and many games ahead will tell us who will rise as this years Cinderella Team, but make sure you keep an eye on these teams.