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Mixing March Madness with Vegas!!! It's an art.

The 2012-2013 college basketball season is a goldmine. There is a large platform for potential winners. And I mean LARGE! Any school can take this years trophy. Indiana, Gonzaga, Duke, Louisville, Florida, Miami, CAL, SDSU, Montana, Ohio St, and even UNLV. The range goes on and on for this is the year of the upsets! Meaning that odds are spread out widely, spreads are small, and betters are in for a huge prize. HUGE! If you were never a sports better, now is the time to throw down a little cash, start your spring break, and wait for huge gains as you lay poolside in the sin city. Click the photo for current and future odds to plan bets over the next week and hit the road to Vegas this weekend or the next. Live a little and watch NCAA. See you in VEGAS!


Deshaun Thomas scores 19 points to keep alive Ohio State's Big Ten title hopes

Ohio State Buckeyes defeat Illinois Fighting Illini 68-55 to stay in the top of the Big Ten race. Deshaun Thomas, senior at Ohio State, scores 19 points and Aaron Craft scores 14 points with 6 assists giving the Buckeyes the victory over Fighting Illini.

Buckeyes played tremendous defense in order to secure a victory and have won five in a row. Furthermore, the Buckeyes have secured a position in the Tournament and will play in the quarterfinals of the Big Ten Tournament on Friday against the winner of Purdue and Nebraska.

With 1.2 seconds left in overtime, Kerron Johnson makes a 10-foot jumper securing the Ohio Valley Conference title and giving Belmont the win against Murray State 70-68. Moreover, his heroic shot earned his team a ticket to the NCAA Tournament.

Today’s games have been nothing short of amazing. From Duke’s domination at Chapel Hill to Kentucky’s exciting win in Florida’s seven minute drought and countless game winners, this Saturday has not disappointed. One of the most thrilling plays of the day came in the Georgia vs. Alabama game. Alabama recovered the ball from Georgia’s Charles Mann with 2.9 seconds left with the game tied at 58. Alabama’s Trevor Releford caught the pass off the turnover and threw up a prayer from half court that proved to be the game winner. The crowd at Coleman Coliseum erupted as the shot went in. If the NCAA tournament carries this theme of nail biting thrillers, then Dick Vitale will have plenty moments to hysterically yell, “Wow! Amazing! Are you kidding me!?”

The Big East has been arguably the best and toughest conference in NCAA Men’s Basketball for 33 years. The Georgetown Hoyas ended this era with a win over Rival Syracuse. The big east has produced multiple national champions and ended with the conference’s top rivals. This emotional game Secures the Hoyas as the No. 1 Seed in the Big East with a final score of 69 – 31 .

Bench warmers don’t need to make big plays to get on TV

Villanova Bench Warmers celebrate in style. These two go “Game of Thrones” and plan on celebrating in bigger fashion as more games are played. With exciting upsets and story lines unfolding this season is nothing short of crazy. Stay Tuned!

Gonzaga at the Number One spot in AP Rankings for the first time in History

Gonzaga with the best record in Division I 29-2 is on the top of The Associated Press’ Top 25 for the first time.

Gonzaga Bulldogs moved to the No. 1 spot on Monday after Indiana Hoosiers loss to Minnesota Golden Gophers last week.

During the preseason, Indiana Hoosiers were No. 1 and were on top for nine other weeks. On the other hand, Duke was No. 1 for five weeks. Michigan and Louisville were both on top for one week.

The AP poll began in January 1949 and Gonzaga became the 57th school to achieve the Number one spot on The Associated Press. Before, Gonzaga was at No. 2 which was the highest ranking for the Bulldogs. After Hoosier’s defeat, the Bulldogs were on a roll defeating BYU and Portland to achieve the No. 1 spot.

Gonzaga play their first game as a No.1 team in the semifinals of the West Coast Conference tournament Saturday night.

College basketball this season has been truly insane this season. Although only five teams have held the number one spot this year (Indiana, Duke, Michigan, Louisville, and Gonzaga), the number one team has been upset 8 times this year. The Indiana Hoosiers at 25-4 have suffered three of those eight losses. This week, Gonzaga tops the AP list as the number one team in the nation at 29-2. With Selection Sunday coming soon, there is no clear cut favorite heading into the tournament. Indiana appeared to be the favorite to win the tournament, but its ability to lose close games causes some speculation. The only other team to hold the number one spot longer than a week other than Indiana has been Duke, but Duke’s inconsistencies can be worrisome as well. If we have learned anything from this season, it’s that the number one ranking is not the place to be.


Gonzaga is ranked No. 1 in college basketball for the first in school history   Gonzaga (29-2) currently has the best record in Division I with 51 out of 65 first place votes in the AP top 35.  Indiana now takes No. 2 and only received 7 first places votes after losing to Minnesota lat week.  Gonzaga also received 29 out of 31 top votes in the coaches poll.  The latest Top 25 teams of the NCAA:

1. Gonzaga (51) 29-2

2. Indiana (7) 25-4

3. Duke (5) 25-4

4. Kansas 25-4

5. Georgetown (2) 23-4

6. Miami 23-5

7. Michigan 24-5

8. Louisville 24-5

9. Kansas St. 24-5

10. Michigan St. 22-7

11. Florida 23-5

12. New Mexico 25-4

13. Oklahoma St. 22-6

14. Ohio St. 21-7

15. Marquette 21-7

16. Saint Louis 23-5

17. Syracuse 22-7

18. Arizona 23-6

19. Oregon 23-6

20. Pittsburgh 23-7

21. VCU 23-6

22. Wisconsin 20-9

23. UCLA 22-7

24. Notre Dame 22-7

25. Memphis 25-4

Big Games of The Weekend

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Crucial, Predictions


1. Miami (23-4, 14-1) at Duke (24-4, 11-4), Saturday 6 p.m. EST

Predicted to win: Duke

2. Michigan State (22-6, 11-4) at Michigan (23-5, 10-5), Sunday 4 p.m. EST

Predicted to Win:Michigan State 

3. Butler (22-6, 9-4) at VCU (22-6, 10-3), Saturday, 12 p.m. EST

Predicted to Win: VCU